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    I thought it was excellent. I was and am no expert on the the R8, but did quite a but of research to see what was essential. The bullet resistant glass was pretty clear and well molded, and I thought their PE armor plating looked good under paint. The krebs-gerat WGr 2 is scratched w/a Lior Roar WGr 21, and some EagleParts resin Mk 108 canon fairings with MDC resin smooth main wheels to complete the R8 main changes I wanted. I was very happy with how mine turned out, but I'd still probably pick an OOB R8 up:
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    Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    last batch thanks for all the support along the way gang! Looking forward to the next GB where I tackle Dragons 110 with the AIMS G4 conversion!
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    F-4J Tamiya

    Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/32 Type: F-4J Extras used: Aires cockpit, added several wires to the wheel bays Paints and colors used: Gunze Mr.Hobby, Tamiya
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    Thanks The wheels I made for the model contained a factual error. The inscription "Polska Opona Lotnicza Stomil" was inconsistent with the fact, it should be "Palmer Cord Aero Tyre". I decided to correct this error and I drew the correct wheel in 3D Then I ordered the printout. The wheels came out very nice. I also did a tail skid And I finished building the interior of the hull. Now I have to paint it all.
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    So, I've had some days to digest Telford and I finally made it back to the 'workstation'. I'd better try to finish this Arado. all that inspiration, accumulated at Telford, really has made my head 'buzz' with new idea's and plans. What still needs to be done, is to finish the Luftwaffe 'Portalkran'... I do not know what this part is called in English, it was used to attach the engine to the hook of the crane. The winch with wire and chain. Attaching the winch to the crane... I did a temporary base used for display at Telford. I think it maybe needs to be bigger now? Cheers: Kent
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    Some engine entertainment

    Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gseEDpDIWxM
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    1/32nd scale Dh89 master

    Well, gents, Hubert has returned the master parts to me and I now have a small repair to do then will get the potential new owner up here for a good look once I have checked everything. So, it's moving along as planned. Martin
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    Fw 190D-11

    Fw 190D-11 W.Nr.220014 WFS of G.d.J. Fhr Otto Leisner 1945 Hasegawa model 1/32 Real Model conversion set HGW seat belts Barracuda cockpit & wheels All painting mask hand made All colours MRP
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    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving to all my American cousins. Have a great day with friends and family wherever you are.
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    £299 3D Printer

    Should have asked me at the show Peter, for any advice on that sort of thing. 0.1mm is a lot resolution wise, plus it'll be dead slow. Your starting point is a Formlabs 2 SLA machine for 3K any of those PLA machines that glue plastic reels together are a dogs breakfast. The next thing up that is actually brilliant is a machine that is about 25K. here's some examples from using the Formlabs 2 printer on the Isle of Dogs movie I worked on. A piece of machinery detail for one of the sets WP_20161212_002 by Graham French, on Flickr This is using the clear resin for a Japanese style lamp which was lit in the film WP_20161212_001 by Graham French, on Flickr This is a sumo wrestlers salt basket, I literally weaved this in 3D and then printed it out, it's about 1.5 inches square. IMG_5132 by Graham French, on Flickr This is one of the Robot dogs, The framework was done in Formlabs 2 but the inside pieces were on a PLA machine so the rough finish was hidden by a matt paint job. GrahamWP_20170411_003 by Graham French, on Flickr I took one of my CNC machines to the studio workshop and we used it on various jobs, this was a test machine of a dogs head in chemi-wood. IMG_4119 by Graham French, on Flickr Dogs head CNC machining by Graham French, on Flickr Graham
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    "Willie the Whale", FINISHED

    i will protect the pit with the dummy canopy and turn to the joining of the main parts (wings/tail). the final canopy will be mounted during the painting stage 59 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
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    Mosquito cockpit question

    Some drawings of the hatch... Looks like it's hinged... Cheers: Kent
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    Mine arrived this morning - very, very happy - a subject I've wanted to do for a long time and the kit looks brilliant in the box. Look out for a review soon... Iain
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    Hi all! A bit more progress on the airbrakes I can show. After cutting out the kit plastic, the right hand part is put in place. Apoxie Sculpt is added to fill the gaps and sanded. Also the radius of the aux. air intake is corrected with a bit of epoxy paste in each corner and shaped with a suitable section of round brass tubing. There is no detail inside the airbrake bays yet, but it will added at a later step. You can see how much closer the airbrake is to the centerline after modifications. At this point, the other airbrake bay is already in place and some initial sanding around it is done. I must check both fuselage sections to be sure the surface is smooth and regular. Thanks for watching! Alain
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    Revell 1/32 BAe Hawk T.1A

    Hello modellers, I've done a bit more work on the Hawk pit, the Eduard side wall detail give everything a boost. The canopy hinges look very fiddly, complicated and challenging but I'll give it a go Thanks for looking, seats next
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    Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    still more!
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    Shawn M

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    here are the rest more to come
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    hi everyone, We are now having a Black Friday SALE - 30% off on ALL orders! Coupon code is maketar Maketar Shop Sale ends on Monday, 26.11. Happy modelling, Alek
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    1/32nd scale Dh89 master

    I have just checked everything over and it's all there in the original packing I sent to Hubert. Has my handwriting labelling everything. Thankfully, as I wouldn't recall what they were otherwise! I just have both fuselage halves to repair with a small extreme tail replacement. Seems to be lost, but that's nothing really. Cheers, Martin
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    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Some more fiddling in the cockpit…. A drybrush and some buttons picked out…. The Instrumentpanel from Eduard are just marvelous! I sanded down the frames to a more correct shape, they should be almost straight, not slightly rounded as Trumpeter have done them. More to come! I will not be done with this one either, I´m afraid, I tought we had one month left on this GB! Bummer…. Cheers! Stefan
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    Hi there, I though about the engine nacelles, especially the lower parts. The original (grey) parts needed cut-outs after printing for the landing gear, and some scribing at the rear for the doors, which apparently are closed on most of the period photos I'm aware of. But I HATE scribing! So much that can go wrong Therefore, I modified the existing 3d-model, so they now already have the cut-out, and some recessed lines for the rear doors. The new printed (green) parts will benefit from some sanding, for sure, but the recessed lines are looking promising. Cheers Alex
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    Nothing is ever easy, is it? Thanks for those links!
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    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    That means the fire was moving incredibly fast. The wind drives it forward so quickly it doesn't have time to consume all the fuel. The good part about that can be that some of the tougher trees will survive and turn green again next year. Unfortunately, there will be enough dead brush and trees left standing to make the next fire even worse, just like the conditions on the Carr fire earlier this year. Not to mention the erosion potential. Not a safe place to rebuild for a while. Heres hoping Paul and Suzy set up shop somewhere else....
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    Happy thanksgiving

    Thanks! It's more than your average Thanksgiving to me when I see pics like Paul posted on FB. It really brings home what I have personally to be thankful for, and how much others have lost. I'm hoping the GFM campaign will help make this TG a but easier for Paul & family to make it though.
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    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    That pic really brings the devastation home. I'm SO glad Paul Susy and the dogs got out ok. I'm also amazed looking at that pic of how many trees are still standing that have their leaves/needles still attached.
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    I just received a replacement landing gear part to replace the one that I broke. Thanks again 1To1Scale, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Completed the landing gear. The main landing gear in this kit are pretty much models themselves. Each one is approx 12 pieces and for such a complex assembly, they all just click into place. All parts are wonderfully detailed. The Tamiya instructions specify painting the LG overall silver. In reality, per Dana Bell's book, the LG on the -1D was actually an unknown spec light grey lacquer. Later in life, the landing gear was painted GSB when these planes went through overhauls. Some pics below. Just note that I still need to do some detail painting and touchup work. Note the maintenance placard on the upper LG strut. Nice attention to detail Tamiya! Only modifications I did was to hollow out the mounting bracket for the retraction cylinder (you can kinda see this, it's right above the maintenance placard) and open up the lightening holes on the oleo scissor fittings (can't really see it in these pics but trust me on it). The inner wheel hubs are typically pretty grimy. I used a dilute brownish black wash and then topped with ground up dark grey pastels to replicate brake dust. Tail gear Again, note that I've got some touch-up to do and will probably hit these parts with a dilute wash to bring out some of the details. Next up are the wheels. One failing of the kit is that Tamiya provides vinyl tires. No idea why manufacturers do this. It's next to impossible to remove the seam down the middle of the tire and you really can't paint vinyl very well. I opted for Barracuda's wonderful resin wheels. Even if Tamiya offered the tires in plastic, I would still do this. Barracuda's wheels are amazing. Even the minuscule casting numbers on the wheel hubs are fully replicated. In addition, the provide full interior details of the wheel hub. All this and a very reasonable price. Check 'em out here: http://barracudacals.com/proddetail.php?prod=BR32119 They also offer early and late version wheels as well. From the Barracuda website: My wheels are still a work in progress. Need to finish painting / weathering. I left off the outer hub cover in this pic just so you can see the interior detail. It will (barely) be visible when the wheels are fully assembled and in place. That's it folks, thanks for looking.
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    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    I've seen the coverage of the fires on the news here in the Uk, but until you personalize it like this , it doesn't really sink in .. My heart goes out to Paul , his family and all the others caught in this fire.. thank goodness his family survived unlike so many others , I've built a fair few of his kits and conversions , and they've brought me nothing by joy over the years , Colin Ritchie
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    Mosquito cockpit question

    Gawd.... Good luck trying to bail out of a Mosquito in an emergency. Unbuckle harness, crouch down in narrow cockpit, whilst aircraft is gyrating all over the place. Turn latch for sub-floor, open subfloor and secure in vertical position, jettison exterior hatch, struggle through narrow opening whilst encumber with parachute. All the while, try to ignore pilot who is screaming at you to move faster! Only guy who had it worse than the NAV was the pilot. Nice pics KKarlsen, thanks very much for posting.
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    "Willie the Whale", FINISHED

    i have now finished the pit, at least i will call it a day 57 by karl holubar, auf Flickr the assembly had its share of WTF-moments, so it took me a while to find out there is a strut running from the bottom of the ip to the the upper windshield frame... and can someone tell me what the thing is that looks like three horns in a bag behind the radar operators seat? 58 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
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    Rules of the Road

    We do (see Brian's post above), but don't add your own, Shawn. Brad will come along and download your photos in due course, and upload them directly to the server. This way, the gallery entries persist, long after the hosted photos have met their demise. Kev
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    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    Nice work Shawn! I quite like the finish, and the little touches like exhaust staining on the werknummer. Bravo! This would be a cool thing to see and hear fly. Sad there's just one left.
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    WNW Christmas Surprise

    When buying these, be careful. I ordered one from the original Bristol F2B Fighter kit and all they did was put it into a bubble pack and ship it. by the time it had traveled halfway around the planet to my place, it was pretty mangled up. Best to request a hardened package when ordering these decal sheets.
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    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 27/Dec/18

    A little work with oils: I start by putting the base colors on a piece of coarse cardboard to leach out the linseed oil. Next to the paints is my turpenoid of choice. I've done one roadwheel to highlight the difference in appearance made by a few brush strokes with a brush dipped in the lighter brown color. The darker brown-black color is for the center of each roadwheel. At the center is a depression where a grease nipple nests. After doing the whole side and letting it sit for a bit, I dipped a flat brush in white spirits then removed as much of the spirits as possible into a paper towel. Then I used the brush to remove the oils from raised areas on the roadwheels, idlers, drive sprocket, and return rollers. The zimmerit is brought out by the oils. Very uneven application! I shall have to talk to the foreman. My phone doesn't like close-ups. But you can see how the gray browns have settled into the corners of the rack details. I have chosen a light gray-brown after googling an intended location for Sturmpanzer Abteilung 216. Pictures of dried mud around the Adige River show it to be a light grey with a very small brown component. Thanks for looking! Gaz
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    A WHOLE day without my LSP !!! I almost lost my mind !! Like you Ray, I'm slow off and on , but at least I'm sane again . This daaamm internet thingie !!
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    WNW Christmas Surprise

    The Re.8 is probably the coolest British 2 seater they make, not counting the Fe.2b which is its own animal. I missed out first time around, so I'll be buying this. Of note: the original Re.8 decal sheet is still available directly from WNW so you can greatly expand your options with the Duelist kit and the older decal sheet. I'm totally finished buying discontinued kits on Ebay; be patient! Eventually you will see them again in re-releases and you can buy them at normal prices then.
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    Some Speculation about Revell

    Being owned by an international conglomerate helps on the investment side.
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    Here is the starboard side. It's pretty much all scratch-built, with modified kit parts, Waldron placards, plastic card and structural shapes, bits of wire and wine-bottle foil. The worst part was attaching all those friggin' toggle switches to the control panels...tiny bits of wire a couple of mm. long with superglue. I lost so many that didn't attach properly, there must be a couple of hundred under my desk that went flying off. Anyway, it's done and ready to be closed up. I think my favourite part of this side is the small power outlet beside the canvas flap/cover, and that flap itself. THe rectangular panel under the radio control box looks skewed but it's not, I think it's the camera lens in my phone distorting things. The oxygen hose is a Waldron part, and is finely ribbed and lovely. It's attached at either end, but free in the middle so that I can drape it on the floor when the fuselage is closed up.
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    So I'm finally at the point of no return for the fuselage! All the interior bits are done, and I'm ready to close things up. The tailwheel and gear are done, the cockpit and radio rack, fuel tank, and radiators. Here are some final shots of the interior of the cockpit. Some of the detail will never be seen again once it's put together, but I know it's there, haha! It's as accurate as I could make it, some of the dimensions were off in the end but nothing critical and I think it's convincing. A couple of small things will be added once the final painting and assembly is done. So this is the port side of the cockpit with instrument panel and rudder pedals added, some more wiring and tubing inserted and everything glued into place. Overview with everything in:
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    More progress with the SM, all's going quite well so far so I'm..... cautiously optimistic I plan to assemble this a s a complete unit, paint and detail it and then fit it in position. I've dry fitted the cannon and the angle looks about right though I won't know for sure until the canopy is on of course. There's a little wriggle room but not much: As some light relief I've made a start with the wheels. The kit ones are fine but I already had these Airwaves ones from when I was intending to build the Revell G4, so they are now cleaned up and have a coat of black primer on them:
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    Hi all! Here is an update on the progress of the corrections to the MiG-21 fuselage. The length is now correct and the cuts filed with Apoxie Sculpt. Most important, the front has been deepened and widened to get the correct shape. Careful study of MANY photos was essential for this, in addition the the measurements. The spine has been removed completely, in order to correct the height for this part, which is off quite a bit. As a bonus, it will be easy to make more variants, such as the PFM, BIS and SMT. Here is a close up of the nose section, with intake ring in place. You can see how the part fits in place precisely with the fuselage. The auxilliary intake doors have the correct shape, but the radius of the curve is too small, so it will be modified. All scribed detail will be completely removed and the whole fuselage will be redone correctly. Studying the plans, measures and photos, I noticed the front airbrakes are inaccurate in shape, length and actual position on the fuselage. After thinking about the problem, I figured it will be easier to just replace the bays completely, still using the corrected kit airbrakes. This is a lot of work, but I think it is worth it as the resulting parts will be much more accurate and I am sure it will be quite noticeable on the finished kit. Regards, Alain My thoughts with you and your family André.
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    Hi Mates, Thank you very much for your kind comments Some small progress on the Red Roaring Beauty! Test fit of the rear structure and tank. Battery and coils prepaired, masked and primed. Starting to connecting brakes and fuel pipes. Engine pan scratched. Alfa Rosso On the coils: ... And white (Titanium White GC) for the battery I hope you enjoy the WIP. More soon! Pascal
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    You guys are awesome....So far quite a few of the model car guys have volunteered kits for re-casting also, but it will be a while before i can do any of that.The model has to be cut up strategically and enlarged a wee bit so it returns to scale via shrinkage but it can be done. A few of my guitar clients have also offered me the loan of their instruments so I can ,make new drawings, and the very first one I ever built is right here at my son's house, I gave it to him a while back as a birthday gift. Once again, I just have a to express my thanks for this amazing bunch of people, the weight you have lifted from our shoulders is a huge relief, and will speed us on our way back to normalcy. Susy is just speechless.One of her favorite jokes when someone asks her what her job is was to say " I make men all over the world happy" with just the right tone of voice.....She's pretty happy to know just how true that is. Thanks again Paul
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    After the glass parts were applied, there was really not much left to do but attach the solar panel sections, and then put them on their bases. As to the bases.....................this was/is really the only complaint so far I have had with any of the new gen Bandai kits; in this case I broke both mounts that attach the Tie Fighters to the top of the base arm. This area is extremely weak, if the wrong pressure is put on it I found, it will break with ease, and in my case, let one of the Tie Fighters tumble to the ground, fortunately with ZERO adverse effects. I ended up having to permanently glue the top of the base section to the base arm. After that things were all wrapped up with these two Ties: Thanks to one and all for the positive comments and encouragement along the way. If you like Star Wars at ALL, do yourself a favor and get some of these Bandai kits! They will make you wonder why our aircraft manufacturers cant get get fit this good. All in all (realizing they are much smaller though) I've now reached my output of completed models PLUS another 1/3rd from ALL of last year in just under 3 months. REALLY a lot of fun to build and paint. THIS is the kind of thing that got me into modeling in the first place!
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    Tweezer aid

    It occurred to me while looking at a photo today that I'd meant to tell you folks about an idea I had years ago, and have been using that idea ever since. I was adding some tiny pre-painted parts to a model using tweezers, but kept scratching/marring the paint. My solution was to plunge the tweezer ends into hot candle wax, let cool, then use the waxed tips to grab the small bits. This also had/has the side benefit of allowing the soft wax to grab the part easier, as the wax is ever so tacky, but not so much as to mar the surface of the part being handled. Once finished, I just slip the wax tips off, and throw them back in with the candle wax that's already melted, for reuse on another day.
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    Mosquito cockpit question

    Hello all, can somebody explain to me how the cockpit floor directly in front of the navigator seat was stored during entry and exit on the deHav B Mk IV series II. Did it hinge upwards or was it removed and placed to the side? Does anybody have any photos to share? Thanks again, Cheers Alan
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    Eagle Driver

    F-18 ATARS

    Anything Kinetic in this kit?
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    Hasegawa Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate

    Hi Mike, yes the colour does look rather good, it was recommended by Nick Millman so should be accurate. Cheers Dennis
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    Getting some bits of the SM prepared. The white bits are 2mm rod x 12mm long, supposed to represent some kind of (pneumatic) reservoir on the cannons. I noticed in John's instructions that he'd had an issue with these reservoirs because he had to shave some off where they fouled the bulkhead, so in anticipation I pared off a raised part on the cannon:
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    Make the others jealous

    How are you going to paint her without feeling, uhrmm, guilty?
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    1/32nd scale Dh89 master

    I love this well known picture of a Yatesbury Dominie, the son of the pilot sent me a hi-res version of it: Max
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