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Forum Hack

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Many of you will be aware by now that we suffered a major hack some time in the last few hours. The only way I could regain control was to restore the forums from this morning's back up, but this means we've lost around 12 hours or so worth of posts. There was no way around this, unfortunately. It looks like many of use have lost our avatars, too.


Hopefully the hackers have had their fun, and moved on. But there's also a chance they'll be back, so I recommend you all change your forum passwords just to be on the safe side, even though technically they're encrypted in the database. I have no idea how they got in, which makes it difficult to keep them out, but I'll do what I can to beef up security. This is our first major hack that I'm aware of in more than 20 years online.


For more information, you can follow the related topic in General Discussion:




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