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#871917 Why LSP is home

Posted by harvey on 29 December 2016 - 02:43 AM

I have been trying for a couple days to sit down and write something snappy about LSP and what it means to me without any luck.All the stuff that has been going on here has made it even harder. This will be hard , so bear with me, please.
I have never been involved with anything remotely similar to this place and all involved. I was raised a Navy brat and as a lot of you know, this can be fairly awkward to a kid growing up. I did get use to moving and establishing friends, if only for a shot time. Then I was in the service and well you know what that was like especially during Viet Nam. Fast forward to a few years ago. Joined a couple forums after starting back into modeling and found a new world. But there wasn't the group I was looking for. Stumbled upon a new site called LSP. Hey, this is different. No drama, lots of help. Anyway after some time, got to know people and start friendships and it kept growing. Latter on I found that I could actually contribute a little back, more friends, better bonds. Met new people all the time. Learned who's buttons I could push and found I could make people laugh. I was hooked. Had fun building and learned lots of basic and complicated things. Found that the people I new who had heartaches and problems actually affected me. Some of my friends passed away, close friends. talked a few friends out of doing things that were detrimental to their health and well being. Made more friends. I found my place in this thing called LSP. I was accepted without thought or question. People like Maru, LSP Paul, Ernie,Martin Jack, Jerry ,Derek ,Larry, just dozens more. Souls like Dale, who told me just the other dale, that I may not know all the good I've done to others here, has been a big influence in the way I look at people. When I've been ill, the dozens of you that messaged me and Bev. have shown what love is. What real friendship is, what a Family is. The times I have given a kit or something else, I've done so with no thought of myself. The times I've been given stuff, it blows me away. I think the highlight this year is Joe giving me his prize from Maru for the flight in England ! Are you shitting me ? I give without thinking so why am I so surprised when the shoe is on the other foot ? I don't know. All I know is I am loved and appreciated here in my home and I try to give it back every day. The funny stuff here is just hilarious . Especially this stuff about the "like" button. I love it ! I learned long ago that people wouldn't bug you if they didn't like you, so it is flattering to me.I can't go a day, no, I can't go an hour without looking in. 16,000 post, thats a tribute to what I think about this place and how much I need it. Likes, well again my way of saying HI, or showing my appreciating you all. My stamp of approval I guess.
OK i've dragged this on long enough. I'll close with "I LIKE all of you, new and old" .........Harv :wub:
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#869051 My lonesome modeling year 2016

Posted by harvey on 22 December 2016 - 02:03 AM

Well, here it is. And on top that, it took me 6 long years.........Harv





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#698429 New Releases

Posted by LSP_Ron on 24 July 2015 - 05:47 AM

There is too much negativity here lately on new releases in my opinion. We have many new companies bringing new subjects in our scale and even with their flaws it is a godsend.  I am personally tired of seeing the slamming of manufactures on research errors.  Pointing out errors is fine, but these new players are getting zero thanks for giving us something new. If it isn’t perfect, belly up and model it perfect or start your own company to sell to us. 


I am sure those watching us are open to change to improve but we are getting a huge vibe of perfectionism or it’s crap and that's not right.  LSP is not a place to slam manufactures for flaws,  it is a place to identify them, find a solution and share that, a place where changing them or not is up to the builder and not judged, change or leave as is is accepted,  a place where beginners are welcome and we want them to contribute. Being so critical on a new release surely doesn’t encourage more to join for fear of a lack of knowledge. Not cool..


I commend these folks for bringing forward  these releases, hats down, flaws or not



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#804528 Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 "Yellow 11"

Posted by Thunnus on 06 June 2016 - 08:25 PM

Here is my recently finished Dora in 1/32 scale.  My normal scale is 1/48 so I don't usually post here but I thought I'd share this one.  Although the Hasegawa kit is excellent, I purchased quite a few aftermarket resin upgrades but I ended up not using the majority of tem due to fit issues/operator error... i.e. Eagle 3-piece gun cowling, Eagle radiator cowling, and the most of the MDC cockpit.  I modified the curvature of the Hasegawa gun cowling using the Eagle resin as a guide with sheet plastic and putty.  A first for me: I riveted the entire surface of the aircraft using Radu's Rivet-R.  Colors were primarily Tamiya acrylics with some Gunze mixed in and Alclad for the metal portions underneath.  Decals are Eagle Cals.



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#898720 Death Rattlers F4 Phantom

Posted by Vynce804 on 03 March 2017 - 03:09 PM

Hi All,
This is a model I have wanted to build for a while. It's a marines vfma323 f4 phantom from the late 1960's. it's based on the Tamiya F4 c/d kit and I know not truly accurate to the f4b but close enough for me. I was fascinated by how worn these jets got in service and really tried hard to capture that in this model. Kit went together with no problems but boy is it big when finished! It's also the first kit I have completed where I have added the aircrew. I really like it as it brings life to the model and definitely something I will do more of in the future. The only after market used are resin seats and of course the decals. Hope you enjoy looking. Cheers. Matt




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#858920 Tamiya 1/32 P-51D Mustang - "Bunnie / Miss Kentucky State", Ca

Posted by DWW on 21 November 2016 - 10:55 PM

Hi folks:

I've been a long distance admirer of the Tuskegee airmen for many, many years, so when AMW editor Chris Clifford, said he was compiling a team to produce a USAAF 'special' I jumped right on board and asked if I could pull Tamiya's big Mustang from the stash and finish it as Roscoe's bird. Green light given, aftermarket gear was roped in and plastic readied.

As part of the build, I decided to take a close look at the restored 'D' at the RAF Museum in Hendon, as this was reputed to have achieved a high standard of authenticity, particularly the 'puttied wing'. What I found both shocked me and prompted me to write the following:

The P-51D on display at Hendon RAF Museum is broadly accepted as a fine quality restoration of the marque and in its natural metal finish guise, also has wings coated in aluminium lacquer, akin to that used in wartime.

The factory process involved (after puttying the panel joints) one or two sprayed applications of DuPont Light Grey primer. This was then overcoated with an aluminium lacquer in the ratio of eight ounces of aluminium paste to a gallon of clear lacquer or varnish. It seems the aluminium in this mix reacted vigorously with oxygen and became aluminium oxide, a greyish material which accounts for the Mustang wings at Hendon being overtly grey in tone and emphatically not the solid silver or aluminium normally used to portray this feature on models. Depending on whether the lacquer was new or aged, therefore gives modellers scope for a more silvery grey, evolving to the darker grey of the Hendon Mustang. The build seen here can be considered somewhere between the two.  

Given the grey bias of the Hendon Mustang, a concoction of Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey (one part), Tamiya X-32 Titanium Silver (three parts), Tamiya XF-2 Flat White (one part) and Tamiya X-22 Clear (two parts) were mixed and sprayed over the appropriate parts of the wing. This gave a tone commensurate with the Hendon paint, while leaving a gentle satin finish, that was later glossed with more X-22 to more closely match the museum Mustang.





The difference between the polished but untreated metal and the lacquered area is quite stark.




This is the puttied wing 'map' I chose to follow.





I emailed Dana Bell (who wrote a Tuskegee piece for the USAAF 'special) about this matter and sent him shots of the model with silvery grey puttied wings and he kindly responded (among other points) "I'm attaching a shot of one of the Tuskegee P-51Bs to show how well your model matches reality."


It was quite refreshing to know that this Tamiya Mustang was going to look rather different in its treatment and with that in mind, the lovely cockpit was brought together.






The side consoles scrub up nicely with paint and Roy Sutherland's cockpit decals.





Wheel well bits in various stages of undress.






Dana Bell mentioned a batch of seats were painted 'Dull Dark Green' following an error on a procurement order - depicted here for simple variation. Tamiya indicate a demarcation line for the anti-slip black that's too far aft but shown adjusted here.






Getting there...



On the flight line.



















Post script to follow...









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#832546 P-51B 1/32 Trumpeter

Posted by Miloslav1956 on 10 September 2016 - 08:23 AM

Here is my P-51B  1/32.

























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#838327 A6M2 ZERO Tamiya 1/32

Posted by oppenheimer on 27 September 2016 - 11:54 AM

Well , after 4 months i finally find some time to finish this one, is OOB build, first time for me to build a kit just with the pieces from the box, all the paints are from tamiya, hope you guys like it

















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#896185 Fw 190D-9 3/JG26 Oblt.Hans Dortenmann 1/32 Hasegawa

Posted by Miloslav1956 on 24 February 2017 - 03:17 PM


Here is my build for friend.

Hasegawa model,

Eagle cals #21

Aires Cowling, Air Scoop, Early Gun Cover & Cockpit

Eagle Wheels & Propeller 

Eduard Flaps

All Colors Gunze Sangyo.
































#900620 F-4J VF-84 under maintenance

Posted by EagleAviation on 08 March 2017 - 09:39 PM

Hi folks. This is an older project that I am struggling to get it finished. Tamiya kit with Aires cockpit and a lot of hard work on the rest. Intend to build a jet from the VF-84 in 1971. Don't ask for progress works go on very slowly! 

















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#894622 Half naked pusher!

Posted by karimb on 20 February 2017 - 08:44 PM

Part II


























Thanks again for checking in!

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#905935 How about some good news?

Posted by harvey on 23 March 2017 - 12:18 AM

Today my wife Bev and I decided to drive an hour or so to a pizza place in a little town of Reed Springs. Now this hole in the wall has really good reviews and has been recommended by a friend. Need to back track a bit. About 2 yrs ago, before we moved here, Bev was visiting her dad. Stopped at a gas station and they had base ball caps for sale. Found one she thought I would like. Well, it was a Viet Nam Vet hat. I love it, always wear it. Anyway back to the pizza story. We walk into this place and a kid, oh about 9 yrs old, opens and holds the door open for both of us. Way cool. His parents are sitting at the counter and smile as we walk in. Waitress shows us to our table and gives us menus. We order drinks ( I had a Dirty *******). WE then order our pizza. The waitress comes back and tells us," if don't mind, order the large. The gentleman in the next room wants to buy your pizza for you, for being a vet "We just look at each other and stammer "ok, sure" I almost broke out in tears. These parts are very obliging to Vets of all wars, very patriotic. And being from Californicationl, I'm not used to it. When I got out of the service, never let on I was a vet, didn't really matter to me. But the older I got, the more Vets I met, It changed. Now I'm proud to say I'm a Vet and love my country and all service personnel. It makes me feel good when this kind of stuff happens to us. Oh yea, the best pizza in Mo. !! And the beer was killer(8.5 alcohol). I just had to share and it seemed a good day for it......Harv
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#832379 Dear, it's time for a linen change!

Posted by karimb on 09 September 2016 - 07:08 PM









Thanks for looking in everyone!

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#899907 Hungarian Anton

Posted by Smitty44 on 06 March 2017 - 10:59 PM

Sorry the pics are not so hot, lost one of my good light bulbs and I need some more practice for sure. 

















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#845815 Let's get to know each other a little better. Show a photo of your

Posted by harvey on 19 October 2016 - 10:05 PM

Utapao , Thailand 1970




Around 1973 with my mom



This was last month. My girl Bev, and me...........Harv


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#897948 Ki84 "hayate" Hasegawa

Posted by alain11 on 01 March 2017 - 08:59 AM

hi gents


let me present you what I consider to be one of the most beautiful WWII fighter .......Ki 84 "Hayate" .....we can argue of which IS the most beautiful .......this is the Hasegawa kit ( which else?) mainly OOB . simple, efficient , well detailed , easy to built , what could we ask more ????? I just added a few wires on the engine , as well on the gear bays , I replaced the seatback by a perforated one , and at last the kit has been riveted ..... the paint scheme was inspired by the nice box lid .......markings are painted .......enjoy .....or not


thank you for watching


























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#896466 Fw 190A-7 Major Heinz Bär 1/32 Hasegawa

Posted by Miloslav1956 on 25 February 2017 - 09:37 AM

Hello all,


Here is my another Focke-Wulf 190.

Hasegawa Model 

Truedetail Cockpit

Eagle Wheels

HGW wet transfer stencil data

All color Mr.Paint



























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#882225 A merlin in Russia.

Posted by Mr scale32 on 23 January 2017 - 07:49 PM

Hallo dear LSP friends. 


Here is the result when we mix a Englishman with the Soviet union. A well used Hurricane in the cold landscape of Murmansk.

Some info of the fly 1/32 Hurricane kit. It is a shortrun. The fitting is quite good. Some minor errors. And please DRYFIT every part before assembly,You need sanding and grinding. This model is Out Of The Box. The only thing added is brakelines  Insignias and markings are painted with airbrush.


Model Factoid:

Fly Hurricane mk IIc


Painted with Gunze acrylics and Tamiya acrylics. All baremetal is painted with Alclad II.


Here is the result.























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#832377 Dear, it's time for a linen change!

Posted by karimb on 09 September 2016 - 07:04 PM

Hey everyone,

I had those ready so i thought why not follow up with this rfi post...

Topic title is a bit confusing? lol

I always try to have catchy topic titles...

As you guys might have read in my death dealer post, i am back in the saddle.

A couple of months ago my curiosity got spiked by a model of an albatros DV on the forums, so i looked and the more i looked the more i got interested. I went through the net looking and reading about aircraft builds from the great war and the more i read the more i felt a sort of spark having completely overlooked those subjects. Wood? what wood, are you crazy? rigging? oh no, i already have enough trouble with my ham fists...well all of this is going to change very soon. I ordered my first wingnut wings kit, the albatros DVa shortly after that (still havent built any ww1 yet) and the thing just rolled on. I have gathered now two wnw albatros kits, one hisso, one AMC Dh2, one Felixstowe late and got myself the resin HPH kit of the macchi m5 along with the relevant aftermarket for the kits...

Now all of this brings us to this post. I wanted to have a dry run at all the new modeling techniques while at the same time working on a subject i am familiar with. I didnt want to royally screw up my first ww1 kit so i thought why not try out all the techniques on a wood and linen ww2 airplane where i could still have some camo work done and i could weather it out too ;)


The kit is Trumpeter's MIG3. 

The kit is very straightforward to build with no real headaches to be honest.

I used the eduard photoetch set for the kit which added alot to the interior and specially to the wheelbays which were almost bare (and still are)

For the woodwork, i used the two RB etched stencils which i found to be fabulous when you can work out the dilution and how to blend in the woodgraining. I also used UVDR Clear woodgrain decals for the tail section to give a bit of variety (and also have a go at trying decal woodgraining to know what to use for the ww1 kits). Both of them give a beautiful rendition of woodgraining albeit the UVDR would be nicer on big panels. I now have ordered the much finer woodgrain decals from Uschi...

Everybody that has build the Mig3 naked has left the whole body in metalizer as it should be so i thought for a change id give it the camo treatment and make it look like the airplane was in for a change of planking and of linen on the moveable surfaces hence the 'two tone' and the title. This would also give me a chance to have a go at weathering and chipping which melikes. The Linen areas are covered with Aviattic linen decals, i used the clear light french linen for those after painting the ribbing and weathering the areas to show through the decals.

Another first was the rigging of the antenna. I did the eyelets like i will on the ww1 airplanes and did the tubing from albion bras cut to length using my homemade cutting jig. I actually found rigging the antenna therapeutic so i am looking forward to the challenge of rigging a whole aircraft!

Weathering was done using Florymodels clay washes, AK enamels and some pigments. Oils used were abteilung and w&n for the fading and dirt.

The paints used are tamiya and gunze and for the chipping i used light chipping from AK...

Also while masking the wood to matt coat the camo areas some of the UVDR decals pulled out. Good excuse to cut a peice out and add Archer rivets to simulate nailed lines on a panel fix! lesson learned make sure the tack is super super low on the UVDR decals!


Very very enjoyable build i must say...

Also thank you to Massimo Tessitori for the wonderful website and references... the aircraft i modelled is after one on his website


Enjoy the photos and as always criticism is welcome!

Stay safe and happy modeling






















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#906277 F-16 Tamiya 1:32 Aggressors

Posted by Swan-neck on 23 March 2017 - 07:00 PM

Hello my dear fellows. I'd like to show you my last built!  It is a F-16 Tamiya. I decided to create it with Alaska Aggressors como, block 32. 

I hope you like it.

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