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Heinkel He-219

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Posted 27 August 2017 - 01:53 AM

... seem to suggest that the only way to 'enjoy' any kit is to pre-verify it's complete accuracy in contour and dimension.

My eyes can be wrong, but they 'never' lie.


Mike ...


While I won't ever suggest that the ONLY way to enjoy modelling is with 'complete' accuracy ... Some of us that want to try to create something accurately representing history will pursue this path!

For me - discovering my 'parameters' or tolerances - was a small period of self awaking at the beginning of my reentry into the hobby.

After a couple of really 'poor' choices which I made on purchases initially (again: a personal assessment) ... I began to consult in-box and build reviews prior to purchasing ...

It is indeed, very much a personal choice ... 


This suggests that there is some kind of equivalency between the "inaccuracies" of the ZM and the Revell kit ...


It does come across that way a little, doesn't it? ... However the overall statement is correct ... No kit is completely accurate ... And its a case of selecting which kit best fits in with your own personal criteria.

In my own case  - the ZM kit wins hands down. Overall it appears to be more accurate than the Revell kit when I compare photos/drawings against the end result.

For those who adopt a different set of guidelines - the Revell kit is more than satisfactory ... especially when considering initial outlay.


Rog :)

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 05:02 AM

Doug spoke for himself just fine, IMHO and at length.
The only thing any of us can do is speak for ourselves, but as for me to enjoy a kit is to believe it to be reasonably accurate and, if inaccuracies can corrected, to correct them as much as my feeble skills allow. Mileage may vary for others. I also like lots of detail when I have a choice with the larger scale kits (1/32 and larger).

Regarding plans for a 219, since there is not one built up, I am not aware of the sources that are being used. Given the exhaustive detail in the ZM kit it would be interesting to know their sources.


I wasn't speaking 'for' Doug, I was speaking 'about' what Doug said,

and if both kits have flaws (and they do) then he is correct.

I didn't read him saying anything about the flaws being equal, just that

they both had flaws. I'll assume you were just being snarky (in a humorous way)

when inferring that some people need to make excuses or are blind

to reality in order to enjoy one kit over another. :) :) :) ;)

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